Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Tis the Season

Some people have asked how they can support One Small Drop in this holiday season. One Small Drop is trying to connect and educate those with resources to serve those who have needs (as stated in our vision statement). We have developed sponsorships that correlate with the areas of concern identified by the people in the Livingstone Mountains, South Western Tanzania: HIV/AIDS, orphans, sustainable livestock production - specifically pork, and empowerment of widows.

1. Education is very important in their culture. There is no fee for primary school, but students must wear a school uniform. Due to poverty, many cannot afford uniforms. And when orphans are taken in by extended family the burden is even larger. We are looking at assisting orphans with the purchase of school uniforms so they can attend school. $30 purchases one school uniform (shirt, sweater, pants/skirt, shoes, socks) that could be worn for 2, sometimes 3 years.

2. We are looking at starting a Pork Project (similar to the Heifer Project). $30 buys one feeder size pig. The family awarded the pig is educated in how to feed, care, house and breed it. Piglets are then given away to other families. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

3. A special area of sponsorship is for Niku. In their education system, in order to go to secondary school you must pass a national exam in the 8th grade. If you do not pass, you do not go. You only get one chance. Because Niku has shown great achievement, she has been chosen by the government to attend nursing school. But she has encountered a barrier. Her father died of AIDS earlier this summer. Her mother just found out she has AIDS and is taking the father’s remaining medication. She cannot afford to send her to this special school. The cost is $600 for the entire 2 years.

4. We are looking at ways to empower the women widowed by AIDS to work together to find ways to support their families through micro loans. The women are the worker bees in the family. Seen here getting firewood. We do not have the specifics for this project set up yet.

One Small Drop will also organize trips to assist with some of the physical aspects of outreach – building pig pens, working with orphans, as well as educating and cross-cultural learning from each other. The next trip to Tanzania is being planned for July 2009.

If you are interested in any of these sponsorships, tax deductable contributions can be made to One Small Drop and sent to N6823 Co J, Iola, WI 54945.

Sponsorship Communities
$30—one pig for Pork Project

$30—one school uniform
$____toward total $600 nursing school tuition for Niku

Widow Empowerment:
$___ Micro loan startup fund
$___Support Group materials

$10—Rural aids education kit
$50—one month salary for local AIDS Educator

Sponsorship Levels


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammie Jo
I'm going to ask the student government association at school if they would like to contribute for Nebu to go to nursing school. I'm sure we'd be happy to help her get there and possibly send any supplies she might need.

Katie Mead

Mary Mooney said...


I really like the easy to understand format you used for giving opportunities!

Thanks for your work!