Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Preparations Begin

I recently met with Pr. Andrea to discuss what future trips to Tanzania might look like. (Pr. Andrea is finishing up his education in St. Paul. He will graduate in May, and then return to the Konde Diocese, in southwest Tanzania.) There are two trips in the works. One in July and one in November. Pr. Andrea plays an essential role in these trips as our contact and implementing our connections. In addition to the Pork Project, orphan uniforms, widow empowerment and HIV/AIDs education, there is interest from nursing students to visit hospitals in this area.

And speaking of nursing...I am happy to announce we have secured enough funds to pay for Niku's first year of nursing school. We will also be purchasing 5 pigs to start up the pork project. These next two trips will be very exciting.
If you might have an interest in participating in these trips, please let me know. The people of the Livingstone Mountains would be honored to share their lives with you. Here is some basic information:

* July 10-28, 2009 (give or take a day) and early November (Nov. 6-17 ???)

* Approximate cost: $3500 - depending on airfare. This will include airfare from Chicago, housing, meals, transportation while in Tanzania and a visit to a National Park. It does not include immunizations, visa nor passport expenses.

* The trip will entail creating relationships, cultural education, visiting schools,churches and hospitals, assist in initiating the pork project, walking side by side with our neighbors from afar

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tammie!
I am astonished and pleased at your boldness in your love for God and others. You make things happen in your obedience to the Master...may that never change!
I remember fondly playing music with you for the outdoor service with Pastor Andrea. It is good to remember him with photos on your site! Bless you for your efforts!
Love you, Deidre