Thursday, May 7, 2009

Volunteers to Meet

Volunteers for the November trip to Tanzania will be meeting on June 7th to go over many details. We are SO excited! It is not too late if you are interested in participating in this service learning opportunity.

If you’ve been following on Twitter, you know we have received our official 501 (c) (3) status. Whooo Hoooo! Now to finalize the web site.

I am very excited about the use of technology and the communities that can be formed through the social networking sites. Never before have communities been able to connect globally with one another with such ease and efficiency! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter. Just click on the link at the left.

One Small Drop board of directors is working on coordinating a couple fundraising events in the near future. Check back for announcements and details.

What will we be doing in Tanzania? There are several things in the works. First and foremost is building relationships. One Small Drop is intentional about investing time, energy and effort to build friendships across borders and cultures. It is neither effective nor adequate to simply offer assistance. Entering into a relationship is essential. We have much to learn from our global neighbors and assistance is reciprocal.

More next week…

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