Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dates Confirmed for July Trip to Tanzania

July 13-24.
The purpose of this trip will be to solidify contacts, renew friendships, and continue to build relationships. Information will also be gathered regarding specifics that One Small Drop will address. We will meet with Mama Tupo, an expert in agriculture regarding the pork project. Locally, I am most grateful to Mr. Alex for his support, encouragement and expertise in the area of pork production. I am amazed at his knowledge and enthusiasm for this project.

Another person we plan to meet is Bwana Anania. He is a tailor we may be able connect with for orphan school uniforms. We will also meet with local African charities to learn about areas of potential collaboration.

Because of social networking on Twitter, Justmeans and LinkedIn, there may be possibilities for building relationships with Orphans Africa, Africa Bridge, Globetrekr and Hearts in Unity.

Earlier this month I met with five amazing ladies (Lisa, Brenda, Karyn, Buttons, and Michelle) who are very excited about the service learning trip in November. We discussed everything from climate to transportation to shots to cultural expectations. We are all trying to learn some basic Swahili before we go.

Mungu akubariki sana -- God bless you.

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Kristi said...

It sound great!!!! You go girl!!!! I wish I could go to help!!!!! All kinds of prayers going your way!!! Be safe!!!!!