Monday, September 7, 2009

A Widow's Story

Becasue of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, orphans and widows are a common occurance here in Western Tanzania. It touches all cities, towns and villages. It touches all walks of life. It is a part of society and threatens existance.

This mom is a widow. Her husband left her with 8 children, including a set of triplets. After she learned of his death she found out he had another wife in another city, with 4 children. A short time later this wife also died. Since the husband owned the property with 8 children, the 4 others also have rights to this property. They moved in. 12 children under one roof. The mother has a garden to feed the family and tries to sell what she can at the market to purchase school uniforms so the children can go to school. She admits, "I sometimes fail. I often fail."

The daughter in the picture is the only child attending school at this time.

Education is a dream of children living in Tanzania, yet endless barriers limit their opportunities.

Education is the true stepping stone out of poverty. If interested in assisting, uniform sponsorship is $30 and can be mailed to One Small Drop, N6823 Co J, Iola, WI 54945.

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