Friday, October 16, 2009

Only 20 More Days

That's right! Only 20 more days unitl One Small Drop heads back to Tanzania. This time Brenda and Buttons (right) will be joining me. We are excited to be traveling to the small communities in the Livingston Mountains of Western Tanzania. We are looking forward to meeting with the four communities to review the progress and next steps for implementation of the Orphan Uniform Project and the Pig Project.

One of the people we hope to meet with is the tailor that will be sewing the uniforms for the students. By securing the uniforms in this manner, it provides employment and helps the local economy.

While there we will also visit a couple schools, churches, local families and a hospital. We will be given the opportunity to learn one of their crafts - making mats, as well as learning how to make ugali - a traditional African dish.

One Small Drop is SO gratful for the support they have received over the past 3 months. Your response has been amazing! We have partnered with several schools for uniform and pig support. Faith communities have been especially generous. I have gifts from a vacation Bible school to bring the orphans and quilter groups have provided beautiful quilts to offer as gifts. Community organizations have warmly welcomed me to hear about One Small Drop.

Because of your interest and open hearts you are providing hope, making a difference and changing small drop at a time.

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